Check Your Privilege

We hear so much these days about “privilege.” White privilege specifically, but also in regards to gender, sexuality and class. And it’s such a weird concept, right? I mean, it was for me anyway. The first time I was told that I had “white privilege,” I got defensive. Kinda hot and sweaty. Like I just got busted cheating or something. But then, after reading and watching and most importantly, LISTENING, it clicked. As a straight, white, Protestant American woman, I am one of the most privileged people on Earth, next to only my male counterpart. And so are most of you, I’d say. And I wonder how many of you fully GET what that means right now. How many of you are already bristling at what I just said? YOU ARE PROBABLY LIVING A LIFE OF PRIVILEGE. YES YOU. NOW STOP BEING DEFENSIVE AND LISTEN FOR A MINUTE.

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