Happy Friday, Everything Sucks

Happy Friday! Got big plans for the day? Cool, cool, sounds good. Me? Oh, nothing major. Just having a tube put down my throat to take photos of my stomach. You know, like you do. Why, you ask? Because life is a cruel, ironic joke sometimes, that’s why.

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Death by HIIT

I am writing this post from the grave. Because last night I worked out so hard I think I died. Maybe? Is that possible? I mean, I’m sure it is. Don’t kids in Taiwan or South Korea die from playing video games too hard or something? Anyway, if they can die from playing Super Mario Bros, surely I can die by kettlebell swing.

That being said, even if I might be dead, it was TOTALLY worth it. Sure, I can’t really lift my arms today and I groan when I stand up, but I’ve reached the crazy point in my fitness journey where those things make me happy. Or I’ve suffered a stroke. I don’t smell toast, so I think I’m safe? Who really knows.

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